We are Moquii

Miriam Gradl & Stefan Behnke

Hinter dem Label Moquii verbergen sich die Designer Miriam Gradl und Stefan Behnke.

"Mit Moquii haben wir einen Raum für zeitgenössischen Schmuck geschaffen in dem sowohl unsere eigenen Kollektionen, als auch Einzelstücke und Kleinserien anderer Designer Platz finden."


"In Moquii we created a space for contemporary jewelry in which our own collections as well as other designers' one of a kind pieces and mini series find their place." 


Stefan Behnke

After studying at the University of Applied Sciences Pforzheim and the Victoria University Wellington, NZ, Stefan graduated as Dipl. Des. FH. Subsequently working as freelance designer focused on shop & retail design in Germany and Switzerland. At the retail & advertising agency Liganova he worked as design manager until founding MOQUII in 2012.


Miriam Gradl

After graduating from the College for Design of Jewellery, Objects and Art as state certified designer in Pforzheim. Miriam completed her education as goldsmith in Darmstadt. At Les Ateliers Bijoux / DIOR Couture she worked as model-goldsmith until founding MOQUII in 2012.